Do you know what you paid for?

You may contact us year-round regarding questions you have that affect your tax position.  If we prepare your income tax return(s), it is likely this service is included in your fee.

Below, we have compiled an example of questions included and not included with your tax preparation fee.

Included (no additional cost):

  1. What is my Adjusted Gross Income?
  2. What tax bracket am I in?
  3. What happens if I cash out my 401k earlier?
  4. Which type of retirement is exempt from penalty?
  5. I would like to donate $5000 to a GoFundMe, can I deduct it on my taxes?
  6. Which form do I use to change my tax withholdings at work?
  7. Should I increase or decrease my withholdings?
  8. I received a notice from the tax authorities, what does it mean?


Not included (additional costs) prices vary: 

  1. How much will my tax be if I make $100k more, how much will my tax be if I gave more money?
  2. I received a lump sum, how much tax should I take out to not owe any (or little) money?
  3. Can you write a letter to verify my income?
  4. I received a notice from the tax authorities, can you call them and resolve it?
  5. Can you help me resolve a notice I received about my taxes or my income?
  6. Can you help me set up a payment arrangement with the tax authorities for me?
  7. Can you request an abatement of penalties for a balance owed?


If you have specific questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 508.203.1676 or via email