Why chose S. Davis Tax Consultants?

Some mid-size to large firms outsource the data entry of your return to companies overseas. This means your information is available to people not in this country.

In addition, storefront tax offices often hire individuals who have had other jobs.  They put them through a 6-8 week training course and give them software for preparation of your returns.  In these cases, you can almost prepare your own returns.

However, with our firm, taxes are our specialty.  Therefore, we are available year round to handle any of your tax issues or concerns.

Any information we receive is taken in strict confidence and adhere to tax laws and regulations to avoid any risk to you or your financial information.  This applies to now and in the future.

**We are not accepting new clients (for tax preparation) at this time – December 2021.  We may accept new clients in May 2022. 

If you need IRS representation or help resolving notices, please reach out to us